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  • length:19 cm; width:11.8 cm; height:12 cm; volume:480 ml
  •  length:21.5cm; width:13.5cm; height:11.2cm; volume:660ml
  • length: 24.2 cm; width:14.6 cm; height:15.5cm; volume:980ml
  • length:24.2cm; width:14.6cm; height:15.5cm; volume:980ml
  •  length:21.5cm; width:13.5cm; height:11.2cm; volume:660 ml.
  •  length:21.2cm; width:12.6cm; height:11.8cm; volume:580ml
  • length:19 cm; width:11.8 cm; height:12cm; volume:480ml.
  • length:19 cm; width:11.8 cm; height:12cm; volume:480 ml.
  • length:21.2cm; width:12.6 cm; height:11.8cm; volume:580 ml.
  • length:21.2cm; width:12.6cm; height:11.8cm; volume:580 ml.
  • length:24.2cm; width:14.6cm; height:15.5cm; volume:980ml.
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Purple Clay Teapot with Dragon

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The purple clay teapot made by very chic and elegant craftsmanship. The dragon carvings are very detailed. The art of carving dragons fully demonstrates the noble identity of the teapot owner. It is not only a teapot, but also a work of art worth collecting. 

  • Capacity: 401-500ml
  • Material: Purple Clay